Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Tonight begins our five day Christmas extravaganza, as we're going to have a full turkey dinner (second one this week!) with Sam's parents and do a small gift exchange.

Tomorrow, we're driving up to my parents' house for Christmas Eve. I predict that there will be chili, presents, and card games. We've decided to leave tomorrow morning instead of when we'd originally planned (when Sam gets off work), due to inclement weather that's supposed to hit the Kansas area tomorrow evening. As Sam put it, after last year's Christmas Blizzard (which I hope to write about next week), if he's going to be trapped by weather he wants it to be in Kansas instead of Oklahoma.

Christmas Day we're going to drive up to Kansas City (hopefully) and see Sam's sister and her family. After all, there's a new nephew and precocious niece to spoil!

If that works out, we'll stay over night in Kansas City, and then go back to my parents' house Sunday afternoon/evening. Again, providing the weather is cooperative. Monday we're driving out to see my Grandma Nena and then back to my parents' house, a 5 hour round trip. It'll be good to see her again! :-D Finally, on Tuesday we'll come back home, just in time for Sammy to go back to work on Wednesday.

Why am I telling you all of this? To explain why I'm going completely off of the grid for the next few days. At least, I figure that's what'll happen, unless I think of something. But no worries--I'll soon be back with lots of cute, happy stories, as well as more pictures of kitty cats. Scout's honor!

So remember dear friends, take joy in your friends and family, be they far or near, and never forget that even if there's no one at home with you on Christmas, the baby boy whose birth we celebrate is with you.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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