Thursday, December 2, 2010


I got a good picture of the newest addition to the household, so I thought I'd share.

Apparently, the writing portion of my brain is not being cooperative of late--processing lots of different things, is my guess. But who knows? So, instead, you're getting videos and pictures of my cats.

I mean, it's not as if there aren't things to talk about--Poppy's passing, Thanksgiving, surprising and unpleasant news in other quarters, various entertaining things I've come across on the internet--these are but a few things that immediately come to mind when I try to think of something to write about. But when I sit down to do so, the cursor just sits there blinking at me. Mocking me.

Partly, its because some of those things are of a highly personal nature to family or friends outside of myself, and while I have no qualms about talking about things that are highly personal to me, I dislike doing so about other people's personal lives. Something that my 15 year old self had to learn the hard way. Sorry, Becky! When it comes to Thanksgiving, it's like a week later already, so it seems silly to post all of the recipes Sam and I tried out for Thanksgiving a week after the fact. Think I've missed the window of opportunity on that front. And as far as entertaining things on the internet, well,  I find them entertaining, but eh. Maybe I'll go ahead and do a post on that in a bit, anyways.

So, instead you get a picture of Tiger and me whining for a couple of paragraphs about how I have no ability to write anything. Perhaps tomorrow will be better!

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  1. Most Thanksgiving recipes would also work for Christmas dinner. And you might want a record of what worked/didn't for next year.

    I've started planning my Christmas dinner already.