Sunday, February 10, 2013

Scanning... Please Wait...

Not long after we moved into Emergency House (post mushrooms), Sam got a new job working for a telecom company. Part of getting the job required him to do 8 weeks of training, 6 of which would be in Dallas.

Facing long, long weeks of no husband, I began looking for a project to fill the time. I'd once spent a winter break in college scanning many of my parents' pictures, but never succeeded in getting through them all.

My parents have a metric crap-ton of pictures. If y'all think I'm obsessed with photography, I don't hold a candle to my father's shutterbug tendencies.

So it seemed like the time was right to return to the project. After visiting my parents, I brought home 4 large plastic tubs of pictures--all of which I'd never touched. Plenty to keep me busy during that cold fall!

Instead, I spent most of the time fighting a sinus infection, and then going to Dallas with Sam.

In the course of unpacking this time around, I once again came across the large tubs of pics. Considering that A) I'm in need of a new project since the house is 90% unpacked (the rest waits until Sam has a day off) and B) I actually have a work space here, I have started the long, tedious process of scanning and tagging,

I'd hoped to show you a few of the more interesting pictures I've come across, but since I'm doing this on my phone, it's not working quite the way I hoped. If this works, there should be 3 pics that appear:

1. A picture with four generations--my great grandmother, my grandfather, my mother, and my brother.

2. A picture of my parents not long after they married.

3. A picture of the same grandfather in either World War II or Korea.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


The Internet has not yet arrived at our house, so I'm posting this from my phone. Please forgive typos/errors and this post's scattered nature.

--We have made it into the new house thanks to the amazing efforts of friends and family. They were especially important as I wasn't allowed to lift anything.

Yeah, that makes moving interesting.

--Also, Sam's aunt passed away the day before we were to move, so you can imagine the complications that caused. The family is taking it about as we'll as you'd expect. She will very much be missed.

--The house is livable, but there is still a ton of unpacking to do. Dad keeps reminding me that it doesn't all have to get done the first week... but it would be nice if it happened, non?

--According to Pregnant Chicken, the baby is now the size of a grenade. ("Much more badass than an avocado.") Baby is also able to hear now. So I have Great Big Sea going.

It could be so, so worse.

--Tomorrow we go to the OB/GYN so she can scold me. She likes to scold me. Twenty-three more days until the next ultrasound!

There. An update. :-)