Sunday, February 10, 2013

Scanning... Please Wait...

Not long after we moved into Emergency House (post mushrooms), Sam got a new job working for a telecom company. Part of getting the job required him to do 8 weeks of training, 6 of which would be in Dallas.

Facing long, long weeks of no husband, I began looking for a project to fill the time. I'd once spent a winter break in college scanning many of my parents' pictures, but never succeeded in getting through them all.

My parents have a metric crap-ton of pictures. If y'all think I'm obsessed with photography, I don't hold a candle to my father's shutterbug tendencies.

So it seemed like the time was right to return to the project. After visiting my parents, I brought home 4 large plastic tubs of pictures--all of which I'd never touched. Plenty to keep me busy during that cold fall!

Instead, I spent most of the time fighting a sinus infection, and then going to Dallas with Sam.

In the course of unpacking this time around, I once again came across the large tubs of pics. Considering that A) I'm in need of a new project since the house is 90% unpacked (the rest waits until Sam has a day off) and B) I actually have a work space here, I have started the long, tedious process of scanning and tagging,

I'd hoped to show you a few of the more interesting pictures I've come across, but since I'm doing this on my phone, it's not working quite the way I hoped. If this works, there should be 3 pics that appear:

1. A picture with four generations--my great grandmother, my grandfather, my mother, and my brother.

2. A picture of my parents not long after they married.

3. A picture of the same grandfather in either World War II or Korea.

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