Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day Six -- Sitting at Maker's

[Note: this was typed and posted via my phone--please excuse any typos.]

I am curently sitting at Maker's in a little black dress, sipping my drink while sitting in a dark corner, and watching my husband play jazz. All the while I'm texting people and blogging on my iPhone. I feel incredibly trendy at the moment.

I love sitting and watching Sam play. He's one of those musicians that you can tell without a doubt enjoys himself immensely when he plays. It's part of what fascinated me about him the first time I watched him at the Prohibition Room.

Anyway, the "plan" at the moment is that, as the night goes on, I'll periodically jot something down on my iPhone, and when we head home I'll post it.

So I'm currently seated in a corner of the bar where I can see not only every person in the bar, but every person taking the elevators to the establishments upstairs AND everyone stumbling off to the bathrooms. This bodes well.

So of the thirty-odd people here right now, about six appear to be listening to the music--mostly middle aged couples out on a date.

Oh my, I just watched a guy walk by in the diamond sweater from Jesse's costume in It Could Be Anyone of Us. I kid you not.

One of those middle aged couples has friend with them now... and are apparently friends/family of Joey, the vibes player.

Oh sweethearts, that's not remotely attractive. Just watched two women in their late 20's - early 30's walk by, and they were both about 60 lbs overweight, had badly dyed platinum blond hair, and were wearing haltertops which showed their midriffs hanging over their daisy dukes--daisy dukes that didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of containing their thighs--and three inch strappy heels. They look like horrific versions of 1980's Texas street walker.

If ya'll ever let me go into public looking like that, I can only assume you are all secretly my enemy.

So some jerkwad decided to crack open the tinted door I was sitting next to, causing me to have to move, so I don't have nearly the view of my surroundings that I did. We'll see how that affects my snarkiness.

In other news, Sam just had his first break of the night and bought me a coffee and Bailey's--apparently I looked stressed.

For those of you unaware, Maker's is a "cigar and piano" bar, so 4/5ths of the people in here are smoking. It's a good thing it doesn't bother me; otherwise I'd have been gone after ten
minutes when there were only 30 people here. The place is mostly full by this point.

The nice thing about the haze of cigar and cigarette smoke is that it does wonders for the lighting in here. The birdies they're using to light the band make me smile, but with the smoke it works very well. Of course, the light on Sam is a warm amber, which when combined with his hair and red shirt, makes him very eye-catching. Good thing I already have my claim on him.

So I feel sorry for the poor waitress tonight--from everything I can tell, she's the only waitress here tonight, and all but like three tables are filled. Here's hoping she's making good tips.

Totally can tell university is starting back up on Monday--there's an over abundance of college kids on the prowl now. It's rather amusing. Of course I didn't go bar-hopping until after college, but that was a side-effect of age and location.

It's the second break of the night, and the official word is that the bathrooms here are completely, totally, and utterly disgusting. The kind of disgusting that makes you afraid to wash your hands for fear of leaving with more germs than you started with.

We've now reached the point were most of the people who are left are either here for either the music or are too drunk to care. However, I'd say the first half outnumber the second, which is a pleasant surprise. And then there's the guy who just likes whoop, hollar, and whistle.

Joey just took his jacket off. Either it is way hot up there where the band is or Joey's in a place of I don't care. That or he's trying to show if his torso. There are sone OCU girls here, so that is a possibility, I suppose.

If I were a character in the Sims, my mood meter for comfort would be into orange headed towards red. They have these hard wooden chairs at most of the tables, and I would need to have been drinking a whole lot more than I have before they'd feel comfortable. Still a little over an hour to go.

Almost there--one more set to go.

Meanwhile, I've had fun watching all of the really drunk college girls trying to walk by in their 2-4 inch heels. I've seen two fall on their asses, and a half-dozen more ran into the wall when trying to turn the corner to leave. Schaedonfruede? You bet!

Well, if the tip jar is anything to go by, it looks like the guys are having a pretty decent night tonight. Quite a few bills in there. Also have had two women figure out I'm "with the band," as they each made a point to let me know how good they are. That makes a wife proud.

We're down to last 15 minutes of the gig, and all twenty or so people left in the bar are applauding each song the guys play. Ah, the joys of social lubricants at work. Still, I'm really enjoying the music tonight--it's got a lot more tempo and, well, life to it than what I've heard at Sam's gigs in the past. Despite some of the aggravations, I'd call tonight a success. And while they're not officially done yet, I'm going to go ahead and start the process of posting this.

Good night everyone! Thanks for keeping me company (in spirit at least.)

"It's taken me all of my life to learn what not to play."
--Dizzy Gillespie

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