Thursday, August 13, 2009

Prologue ii -- Phone Adventures

There may be a few of you out there who do not realize that I am not a morning person. It is for your sake that I give the following warning: I am not a morning person. I am especially not a morning person at 4 am.

Why do I mention this? Because my day started today at, you guessed it, 4 am. This wasn't a planned awakening at 4 am--if it had been, I would have been merely pissy, rather than homicidal. (Before you fear for his life, yes, Sam is still alive. Not even his fault I was awake that early.)

What happened? Well, it actually all begins last night as I'm getting ready to go to bed. You see, yesterday my phone decided to go on the fritz--completely powered off at about 6 pm, even though I had charged it the night before. Ah well, sometimes it doesn't get a complete charge, I think to myself. With this in mind I decide to plug in the phone while Sam and I settle down for the night.

It is an unfortunate happenstance that the outlet in our bedroom is on Sam's side of the bed, and the power cable for my LG enV is just barely long enough to make it from the outlet to my nightstand. In the course of drifting off to sleep, I accidentally nudged my phone, and the tension on the cable pulled the phone down to the floor. With much grumbling I manage to retrieve it, and Sam sets the alarm on our actual clock in case I knock the phone off the bed again in the middle of the night.

Fast forward to 4 am. I wake up a little as I hear Sam move around the bed, just enough to identify that yes, Sam did get out of bed. With a mental shrug I roll over to go back to sleep. Only, there's one small problem: the side I rolled onto had no bed to catch me.

Down to the floor I go.

Wide awake now, I grumble and start to get up, only to notice that my phone has fallen off the nightstand during this transaction, and of course has been pulled underneathe the bed. I crawl around--in the dark with no glasses--trying to find my phone, and eventually determine that it has fallen between the bed and the wall.

Cursing, I decide to move the bed away from the wall so I can retrieve my phone. (Sam has [wisely] by this point retreated to the bathroom--which I believe was his original intention when he got out of bed in the first place--after I nearly bit off his head telling him that "I'm fine.") So I tug on the bed to move it, and succeed only in moving the mattress but not the box springs. Thoroughly irritated, I go to push the mattress back into place so I can grab the actual bed frame to shift it, and instead manage to roll the whole bed.

Over my toes.

At this juncture I start to invent new profanity. Finally I manage to move the bed and retrieve my phone, which is also the time when Sam makes it back into the bedroom. Having successfully got everything set back up, I drop back into bed to go back to sleep.

I awake to my alarm this morning, pull out my phone to tell it, yes, I am awake, and notice that, lo and behold, it only has one bar on the battery.

Le sigh.

I manage to make it until my lunch before my phone completely dies.

However, my wonderful husband decides it is in the best interest of humanity (and our sanity [or is it his safety?]) that we should go ahead and get my birthday present early: a brand new iPhone 3GS. :-D I am totally, utterly, absolutely, without a doubt completely psyched by this!

God sure knows how to make a bad thing good, doesn't He?

"We're just going to go home, go to bed, and play with our phones aren't we?"
"Nope. I'm going to go home and write in my blog. Then we'll go to bed and play with our new phones!"
--Sam and I driving home tonight

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