Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Bonnets

This past weekend, Sam and I traveled up to Kansas to visit my parents and celebrate Mama's birthday. For those of you playing at home, it also happened to be Easter.

(Which, for the record, was very strange. I can't remember the last time Easter was that close to Mama's birthday.)

Many of the local churches were having Easter Egg Hunts on Saturday instead of Sunday, which meant that the little neighbor girls were all dressed up in their Easter dresses both days. Since my brother and I have yet to provide our parents with grandchildren to spoil, the little neighbor girls fill the void.

So, on Saturday, they had to come over and show off to my parents their pretty new dresses and hats. My mother insisted I take pictures.

Aren't they absolutely adorable?

Here's a solo shot of Big Sis. I think she was regretting coming over and having a strange woman take pictures of her.

Little Sis was also feeling bashful. I absolutely love the way this picture came out, though. Almost makes me feel like a real photographer!

Their mother is close to me in age, so my parents really do view them as surrogate granddaughters.

I think they're okay with that though.

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