Friday, May 13, 2011


As some of you may have gathered, I have a thing for pen and paper games. Well, really, I have a thing for games in general. But I especially enjoy games where you get a half a dozen people together around a table and play--hence why our weekly/monthly games make me so happy.

So the other day I'm killing some time over on the RPG sub-reddit, and people get to talking about customized gaming tables. It made me smile, imagining just how crazy some people can go over their respective hobbies.

And then somebody linked to this.

The first table that I came across was the Emissary.

At first glance, it just looks like a nice dining room table that can set about six people, made from actual hardwood instead of particle board. Nice, but not really anything special. 

But, appearances can be deceiving.

By day a mild mannered dining room table... night a fun-tastic gaming table!

(Please pretend with me that I did not just use 'fun-tastic' as a word. Thank you.)

It can have between 4-6 drawer/desktop areas you can pull out, plus an area with extra room for your GM/DM. More importantly, the top of the table can be removed, and underneath is a dropped down space to place your maps and minis. If it gets to be midnight and people need to go home, no worries, just put the table top back in place and come back to the game at a later date and time.

Pretty nifty, and not too badly priced at $1,500. Still, not something I'm going to have taunt me in my dreams because I can't have it.

And then I came across the Sultan Gaming Table.

This is, quite possibly, the most awesome gaming table I've ever come across. Like the Emissary, it has a removable top and 'stations' for players and the DM/GM. However, these aren't some roll-out desk. These come complete with their own drawers, dividers, and map storage areas. For each player. (It sits 6-10 people.)


It also has built into it what they call a "Layer Cake," which basically allows you to lay down your maps and then place a translucent sheet of squares or hexes atop them so you can write on the maps without damaging them. Or spilling drinks on them. It also has a plain whiteboard you can place on top of that if you want to draw out the dungeon.

And speaking of spilling drinks, this comes with cup holders at each station. A small thing that made me quite happy.

The DM's station is also pretty freaking awesome, with storage for handbooks, dice, minis, and other odds and ends for the game. The sides of the table can also open up, providing a "bay" for you to roll your dice, preventing mishaps with dice killing minis.

Trust me, when I'm rolling dice, you want something protecting the minis.

Of course, all of this awesome is not cheap. The advertised price before taxes or any added features is $8,850.

Yeah, that's not happening any time soon.

Nor do I have room in my house for such a thing.

But if we ever win the lottery/get a massive inheritance/suddenly start making millions a year...

This is in no way a paid advertisement/endorsement. Geek Chic doesn't even know that I exist. I just wanted to drool and make a fool of myself in public.

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