Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shifting gears

Summer has arrived.

I know this from several factors. Firstly, most of my friends either just wrapped up finals, graduated, or will wrap up their teaching gig in the next week. Secondly, despite the fact that this past week has been in the 70's, we've already been having humid 90 degree days. Thirdly, in the past month, we've been grilling our food 2-3 times a week.

However, the most important way that I know that it is summer is that my husband has gone missing.

Now, now, don't panic. No need to call the police. I just mean that my husband has moved to summer hours at work. Since he works at a pool store and all, that means I'll see Sam again sometime in October.

I kid. I kid.

I think.

More accurately, this means that his work schedule has now completely shifted. Not only does he work an extra hour each day, but our weekends will now be Tuesday-Wednesday instead of Saturday-Sunday. Starting this week. Except that he doesn't really get Tuesday and Wednesday off this week because his coworker is still subbing for the local school district, which doesn't get done until the end of this week.

But Sam will be getting the afternoons off today and tomorrow.

Why am I telling you this? Because it will likely lead to a few changes around here at the Work in Progress. I'm just not sure what those changes will be. Either you'll be seeing a whole lot more of me because my Husband is Busy(tm), or I'll never be around because my friends will have more free time.

Aren't you glad I informed you of all this?

Here, have a cat picture.

(Papa, if you want to save this picture, go here--it's a higher quality.)

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