Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Brain not working today

Tried off and on all day yesterday to post. Tried off and on all day today to post.

It just isn't happening.

Part of it is I feel like lately all I've been doing is dropping links on ya'll, and I'm sure that gets boring after awhile. Part of it is that I'm really wanting to get back to posting some recipes, but until we get our tax return and can build a new computer, I flat don't have the processing power to edit the photos.

And trust me, you want me to edit the photos.

Part of it is that I also keep wanting to type up something similar to these posts here, but apparently nothing interesting enough is popping into my head, despite seeing friends all weekend, going up to the city, celebrating Valentine's Day, etc.

So, basically, this is a "I'm not dead yet!" post. Maybe the brain will start cooperating with me again soon.


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