Thursday, February 24, 2011

Unintentional Themes

So, it would appear that this is my video game week, even though that was not my intention starting out.

Life's funny that way sometimes.

Anyway, today's random bit of entertainment comes courtesy of will, who left me this link in my post about Civilization 4.

I laughed for at least ten minutes after watching it, though I do have to warn there is a little bit of language in it. Later that evening I showed it to Sam, and we started looking at some of the other videos that Brental Floss had done of "What if             had lyrics?"

They were suitably hilarious, but I will warn that some of those videos (particularly the one for Zelda II: Link's Awakening) are Not Safe For Work.

However, there was one in particular that I wanted to share. It's in a different vein from the other videos that we looked at, and I find it strangely beautiful.



  1. I love Brental Floss. He's hysterical. And his piano playing is beautiful.

    I am also partial to the Ducktales one.


  2. Interesting thing about the guy: He went to school for a Masters in Musical Theater writing, so some of his non-"With Lyrics" songs are really pretty good, too.

    As for my personal preference, I really dig the CD version of the Classic Final Fantasy theme. It actually gets me pretty pumped up.