Monday, February 7, 2011

If I wasn't having roast for dinner tonight

I would totally want to make this recipe that Pioneer Woman just posted on her cooking website.

It looks easy peasy, and I actually have four cheeses in my refrigerator right now.

(When Sam and I were at Wal-mart contemplating an emergency replacement for Frank, we saw how the store was quickly being bought out of groceries. [Sherri got the last package of bacon!] We did an impromptu grocery session, which Sherri was kind enough to suffer through after having finished her own grocery shopping, and in the process bought 3 cheeses to add to the one(s) we already had at home.

It was crazy.)

However, I already have a roast in the oven and bread rising.

But I think I might grill up some salmon and make this with it later in the week.

Or maybe for Valentines.



Anyway, this is also an excellent opportunity to direct your attention to the link over on the right side of the page for Tasty Kitchen. No, further down, below the labels.

Too far! That's my Flickr photostream.

There you go.

That leads you to my profile on Tasty Kitchen, which has printable versions of the recipes I've posted so far.

Please, go give Tasty Kitchen some love--it's a great website, and has lots of excellent, tasty recipes.

That is all.

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