Friday, March 4, 2011

Devil in the Details

Despite our best efforts and intentions, I still don't have a computer.

When we ordered all the pieces and parts for the new compy, we selected an AMD Phenom II six-core processor and an MSI motherboard. We also picked up 4 gig of ram, several fans, and a new case. Everything else we already had and could easily transfer over.

Wednesday night, before I'd even finished taking all of the dinner dishes off of the table, Sammy was pulling out his card table and starting to open boxes up. It had the general feeling of Christmas morning--lots of oooooh shiny moments.

It took about three hours, but soon enough we had everything put together, and it was time to turn it on for the first time. With great joy and trepidation, Sam reached out and pushed the power button.

The box lit up, the drives all indicated that they were happy and ready to go, the motherboard has all of its little lights come on... and no video signal.

This was frustrating, as it was problems with video that caused Frank to go buh-bye.

So we proceeded to do a couple of hours of troubleshooting, and eventually determined that even though everything has power, the hard drives were never being accessed. Did a little more digging and determined that the bios wasn't even pulling up.

We then commence on a bit of research. After delving through the manufacturer's websites for our new components, we soon figured out that even though the motherboard said it was compatible with Phenom II processors, it wasn't compatible with this particular Phenom II processor.

So what this means is that we've shipped the motherboard back and we're waiting for a compatible motherboard to arrive.

Oi vey.

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