Wednesday, March 23, 2011

T.V. Tropes

I spent more time yesterday than I care to admit looking through the website TV Tropes. It started with someone linking to it about Eberron, then moved to looking at Our Elves Are Better, which lead to... there's got to be a better way to do this.


Eberron --> Our Elves Are Better --> Can't Argue with Elves --> Babylon 5 --> Badass Boast --> I Am the Noun --> The Thrawn Trilogy --> Nightmare Fuel --> Who Wants to Live Forever --> And I Must Scream --> Fallout --> It Just Bugs Me --> Aladdin --> Clark Kenting --> Magical Girl --> Sailor Moon --> Xanatos Gambit --> Xanatos Speed Chess --> Magnificent Bastard --> Word of God --> Shrug of God --> A Wizard Did It --> Fridge Logic --> Fridge Horror --> Stuffed in the Fridge --> Put on a Bus --> The Wheel of Time

To be honest, I could easily continue from there, but I don't honestly remember the path I took from there to get to The Wesley.

So, basically, if you enjoy having names for archetypes and tricks in stories, it's a place you can very easily lose a week. If you decide to venture forth, I do recommend you have someone who can come pull you out of it.

Just saying.

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