Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Last January, Sam came home for lunch one day to discover that our front yard had sprung a leak. And though it took a couple of weeks, they finally got it and the DSL which had been cut in the process fixed.

Ever since, though, we've had absolutely no hot water pressure in our kitchen sink. All of our other fixtures had plenty of hot water pressure, however. So, periodically we'd mention to our landlady, "Hey, it's pretty hard to wash dishes without hot water."

So, last weekend she sent her son out to replace the faucet.

Isn't it all bright'n'shiny'n'purdy? I even have a spray nozzle now. Woot!

Of course, since nothing ever goes easily when fixing something in this house, it also resulted in... this.

This, my dear friends, is the pan that's currently under my sink catching water from the leak that was sprung. This is also the pan that I have to empty every 30 minutes or so because it fills up. At least, when we have to water to the house turned on.

I'll explain that in a minute.

Our landlady's son spent all day Sunday trying to epoxy the pipes and stop the leak that way. Unfortunately, that stop-gap measure never succeeded.

Landlady contacted a plumber and told us that he'd be by between 8 and 12 Tuesday morning. By lunch time, however, I still had not seen hide nor hair of the plumber, so Sam contacted the landlady. Long story short, the plumber didn't want to be working out in the cold and rain, so he'll "probably be by sometime on Thursday."

In the mean time, we've been turning our water off at the street save for when it's absolutely needed for bathroom purposes. 'Why don't you just turn it off at the shut-off valve at the sink?' you ask? Because when it was installed they put it too close to the bloody wall to be able to turn it. Nearest thing we can figure is that they installed it before they had all the wall paneling up or something.

I swore up and down when we moved in here that I wasn't going to move again for at least three years, due to the fact that the longest I've lived any place since graduating high school is about 18 months.


I'm becoming sorely tempted to start looking elsewhere. Between leaks and the driveway and the DSL and the cracked windows and periodic AC/heating issues... it's starting to become ridiculous.

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