Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hints of Spring

Today is absolutely beautiful outside. It's in the low-seventies with a light wind out of the south. The birds are singing, the cats are pouncing, and I just had to go outside and say hello to the world.

So, I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood, and on a whim I took my camera with me.

It's beginning to look a lot like springtime.

Grass is starting to poke its way up in the back yard.

People have been painting the rest of the grass green. (Actually, this is a result of the fertilizer that a certain company in town will put on peoples' lawns, but it always looks to me like they're trying to paint it green.)

Flowers are trying to make their way above ground so that they can bloom soon.

Just like our neighbor's tree.

Some things are already blooming in our yard.

While the holly berries are bright and cheerful.

And the final sign that spring is almost here?

The local wildlife is out hunting!

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