Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day Eightteen--Nala's Last Chance

For the record, this post may be considered TMI. Feel warned.

As some of you may or may not know, for the past month or so we've been having issues with Nala deciding that she doesn't like to use the litter box any more. At first we thought it may be that we weren't cleaning the box often enough, so we started doing it twice a day.

That didn't work.

Our second attempt was to try using a different litter/deodorizer in case there was something about it Nala didn't like.


Next we put down aluminum foil in the place where she was doing her business, because Sam had read that cats don't like the sound of their urine hitting the foil.

The internet lies. Lies I tell you!

Then Sam tried using some deodorizing cleaner from PetCo that was supposed to convince her "hey, don't use this spot any more!" After awhile it seemed to be working. And then this morning we woke up to find she had pissed on the tile in the bathroom. Twice.

At least we had upgraded from carpet.

Tonight we've made a last ditch effort and purchased one of those automatic kitty litter boxes, so that it cleans itself after the cat uses it. If this doesn't work, it may be time to find Nala a new home.

Here's hoping it finally works.

"I've been imagining Techie trying to explain to Nala all day why the gods are angry at her."

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  1. I heard that with multiple cats you need multiple boxes. They may switch back and forth as to who uses which one, but that should decrease the extra messes. Source: some forum on the internet. Original topic was should pregnant women clean up after the cat. Consensus: No. So, there you go. More lies to give you false hope.