Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day Twenty-Six -- Give Me Some Sugar!

For the record, I have the best sister ever! Sherri got her hands on some Sugarland tickets (check out this, this, and this for a flavor of their songs), so Sam, Sherri and I went to see them.

Sugarland is currently my favorite band in the country world, and when I mentioned I wished I could see them when they came to town to Sherri, she began performing ancient magic and tickets appeared from the ether. (Okay, so she actually used connections at her workplace, but my version sounds cooler.)

The guy who was playing when we got there was a little lackluster, but to be fair I wasn't paying much attention because I was trying to find a place for Sam to sit down, since we had just walked a couple of miles from where we had parked to the amphitheater and Sam has a bum toe.

(Sam dropped an amp case on his foot Monday, and while it didn't actually break his toe, it's completely bruised and he has a large blood blister under his toenail. Poor guy.)

The next person to play was Billy Currington, which I completely enjoyed as I knew most of the songs he played. I believe Sherri was surprised how many of the songs she knew. Sam just had fun watching the two of us, I think.

After some harrowing experiences with the bathrooms (the girl's stalls had no locks on them and would swing open on you, while the guys apparently had a "trough"), we returned in time for Sugarland to start their set.

Allow me to say, they put on a hell of a good show.

And the lead singer, Jennifer, is absolutely adorable. Also, it was apparently her birthday on Friday, so they had fun with that.

I think my favorite part was the bubbles!

Anyway, it's obvious that everyone in the band is a performer, and they were having a rocking good time up on that on that stage. I also, of course, loved the lighting and use of video throughout the performance.

Overall, a very excellent night. Sherri is awesome!

"So remember when I said it was my birthday and I was turning 22? I lied. I'm 23."
--Jennifer from Sugarland

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