Monday, September 21, 2009

Day Thirty-Five -- Snapshot of My Thought Process

As Sam and I were driving home tonight, we passed BJ's (a restaurant chain through out this area). Sam begins talking about his opinion of BJ's (he's not much of a fan), and this is what ran through my head:

Strange, Brad is a huge fan of BJ's.

However, for some reason as I was thinking the thought, the word Brad morphed into Fred.

I then proceeded to start thinking about how Brad and Fred share two letters ("r" and "d" for those keeping score at home), and then I started thinking about the game Text Twist, and how you have a word with six letters and jumble them and try to make smaller words.

So what word has the letters "a," "b," "d," "e," "f," and "r" in it, I wondered.

The word that immediately popped into my head?


I immediately started giggling, which resulted in my having to explain it Sam.

Yeah, I'm strange.

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