Monday, January 3, 2011

One step at a time...

Today, in many ways, marks the true beginning of the new year for me. Oh, yes, we had wonderful New Years celebration and we are already three days into 2011, but today is the day all of my friends and family are back home and going about their normal lives. It's also the day when Sam and I get back into the saddle regarding diet and exercise.

Yes, there will be much whining tomorrow about how my thighs hurt after exercising on that blasted bicycling machine.

Here are my goals for Monday, January 3, 2011:

  • Take down and pack up all of the Christmas decorations
  • Put the furniture back in place in that corner so all of the music stuff is no longer cramped together
  • Clean-up and post some pictures from my new camera
  • Dishes and laundry
  • Post to my blog
  • Look through my new cookbooks and start making this week's meal plan
  • Head to the gym with Sammy tonight
  • Play more Final Fantasy XIII

We'll see how many of these we manage to accomplish today. It's a packed list, but I think it's doable. Just waiting for my hair to finish drying before taking the plunge. 

Hope you're all equally productive!

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