Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter is coming...Take 2...Action!

Winter is bound and determined to make an appearance this year.

End of last week, we had weather in the 70's. It was so nice I turned the heater off, opened up all the windows/doors, and let the house air out.

This made for happy kitties.

Now, we're supposed to have high of 16 degrees Fahrenheit tomorrow, with sleet/ice tonight turning into snow tomorrow. Of course, we're right on the line between two different predictions of snow accumulation, so we could theoretically get anywhere from 4" to 12" of snow.

As has already been discussed on this blog, winter has threatened to come by before and then didn't actually do anything, so I'm a little bit skeptical it will be as bad here as all the weather gurus keep predicting. On the other hand, I did go through the Christmas Blizzard of '09 in this area, so anything is possible.

To be on the safe side, my Sammy is going to come on home early this afternoon and keep working on the store website from here, just in case things actually go the way they're predicting.

Let the games begin!

You can tell that Tiger is so worried about the possibility of snow.

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  1. Ahaha! Tiger looks as worried as Oreo. He was curled up just like that a few minutes ago. Until I pestered him. Bwahaha.