Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Only because I said I would....

I'm going to post a before and after picture for our winter weather.

Are you ready for it?

Are you sure?

Okay then....

That's the the before, taken Friday afternoon. The skies are blue and all the kids have left the nearby Catholic school/church.

Now to show you the after.

It'll make you weep.


You still want to see it?

Okay then....

Lots of snow, aye?

The sad thing is, by the time this was taken (yesterday afternoon), it had actually been snowing nearly non-stop since the previous afternoon.

Honest and truly!

It was even snowing when I took that picture.

You don't believe me do you.

Well fine, here's a video to show it:

See, I told yo---bloody hell. Silly video quality of the site won't show it.


The thing is, until winter tried to visit over the weekend, we'd spent the previous week in temperatures as warm as 70 degrees Fahrenheit. So even though we'd been having all of this snow falling, and the temperatures had dropped down to the teens, the ground was so bloody warm nothing was sticking--not even to the grass.

On the one hand, I was disappointed because I find snow to be quite pretty. On the other, it was probably for the best--I have a nasty tendency to get really sick whenever it snows.

True story.

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