Thursday, January 13, 2011


My brain is going in twenty different directions today, for some reason I can't figure out. I've started to write about three different things since I sat down to do so, and then my thoughts just peter out about half-way through.

Part of it is that my front yard seems to have sprung a leak. I know that sounds funny, but it's true. We've had no loss of water pressure in the house--none noticeable, any way--but our drive way has a little river running down it. The strange thing is, there's no watery spots near the house. It's not until you get out into the front yard it appears.

So we're waiting to hear back from our landlady about that.

Also, I received word today that my Grandma Nena is in the hospital due to dehydration. Since going in she seems to be getting much better, but that's worrying. My parents are still coming down to visit, but our thoughts will be on Grandma Nena.

There's also other drama going on amongst friends of mine, and the consistent worrying and praying for will and Kim and their boys. While these have been going on for a little while, they've been weighing on my mind all day. Also, haven't seen much on the internet today or yesterday to share with the masses, so I don't have that to distract me.

So, instead, you'll get this little blurb. If my mind settles down later this afternoon, I might post again. If not, well, here's a picture I thought I'd share, because I like the way it turned out:

Nala and her amazing whiskers!

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